Cedarburg Cultural Center Covid19 Reopening Plan – Phase 2

5/15/21 Draft



Guiding Principles

The safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors is of paramount importance. The Cedarburg Cultural Center will err on the side of health and safety. We will refer to and follow reopening guidelines presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for improving and maintaining safety conditions.


Hours of Operation

· Hours of operation for the public in the main gallery areas during Phase 2 of re-opening are the following:

o Wednesday through Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm, Sunday 12:00-4:00

o Art classes will be restricted to the Large Classroom and outdoor spaces, hours will vary

o Shopping appointments can be made available outside of normal operating hours


Employees, Instructors & Volunteers

· Employee/Instructor/Volunteer health and hygiene

o Unless vaccinated, employees, instructors and volunteers who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 MUST stay home

· Unless vaccinated, employees, instructors and volunteers must check their temperatures prior to reporting for their shifts at the CCC. If any employee/volunteer presents a temperature of 100.4 or above, they are to stay home.

o Unless vaccinated, employees, instructors & volunteers are REQUIRED to wear face masks or cloth face coverings for public-facing/person-to-person activities

· Unvaccinated employees, instructors & volunteers may remove face mask when alone in their office or at no risk of being in contact with others

· Disposable masks will be available for employees, instructors, volunteers and students by request

· Employees, instructors and volunteers are encouraged to provide their own cloth face masks

· If unvaccinated employees, instructors and volunteers have a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, they are encouraged to please work from or stay home for their own safety and that of others

o Unless vaccinated, employees, instructors and volunteers will self-quarantine at their homes for 14 days before returning to the Center after flying or engaging in any “at risk” activities outside of their normal routines

o Unless vaccinated, if any employees, instructors or volunteers become aware or are notified by the CCC ED that they have been exposed to COVID-19, they will self-quarantine at home for two weeks before returning to the Center

o Unvaccinated high risk employees, instructors and volunteers are STRONGLY encouraged to wear a mask or stay home for their safety



· Visitors are asked to avoid the Center and visit another time if they are in quarantine, have a fever or are presenting flu-like symptoms

· Posters will be placed at each entrance and throughout the building as reminders of CCC policies

· Unvaccinated visitors are requested to wear face masks

o CCC will provide disposable face masks for visitors to use. Masks will be kept behind the desk and in the classroom, they will be handed out when requested.

o CCC will provide adequate trash receptacles for disposing of used masks

o In order to protect our younger visitors that do not have access to the vaccine, guests that are unvaccinated are required to wear a mask for indoor activities such as art classes and performances where youth under 12 are present



· The CCC will maintain an adequate supply of paper goods, soap and hand sanitizer to allow proper hand hygiene among employees and visitors

· Sneeze guards to be installed at the front desk and bar area

· CCC will provide tissues for proper cough/sneeze etiquette, disposable masks and no-touch disposal receptacles.



· Cleaning and sanitization adhered to and will include:

o Clean and disinfect high customer contact areas every two hours, or after each user if feasible

o Disinfecting wipes (or paper towel/disinfecting spray, as available) should not be used to wipe more than one surface, and are to be disposed of in provided “no touch” bins

o All retail items will be moved to limit contact with the public

o Offices, Kitchen, Bar and Classrooms are to be locked when not in use


Social Distancing

· Posters will be placed at each entrance and throughout the building as reminders of CCC policies

· All art and retail pieces are to be “touch free” and signage will be posted throughout the gallery as a reminder.

o If a guest is interested in purchasing an item, they are to ask CCC staff for assistance

· Social distancing stickers will be adhered to the floors where congregating may become an issue including near front desk and bar areas

o Gallery will NOT be marked as people are able to move freely throughout and maintain social distance

· During Phase 2 of re-opening, 50% capacity will be permitted inside each main area (specifically the main galleries as area 1, and the large classroom as area 2) at a time

· Front Desk Transactions

o Any high-risk visitors who prefer to come into the Center alone are welcome to book an appointment with staff. Requirements include:

§ Guest must provide a minimum of a 24-hour notice

§ Visit must be before or after scheduled operating hours when the Center is not open to the public OR at the discretion of the specific staff responsible for the visit

o All pens to be removed from front desk area

§ Create “clean” pen bin and “dirty” pen bin

· Sanitize or quarantine “dirty” pens for 48 hours before re-circulating into use

o All transactions under $50 will be signature free (signature line will print, but you do NOT need to collect one)

o Chip reader will be permanently moved to an accessible area on the front desk to remove need to pass credit card back & forth

o When exchanging paper and coin money

§ Staff is reminded to not touch their face afterward

§ Ask customers to place cash on the tray or dish provided, rather than directly into the hands of staff

§ Staff to place money on tray or dish provided (not in hand) when providing change back to customers

o Staff to clean the counter and credit card machines after each customer at checkout

o Staff to use hand sanitizer after each transaction

o Sneeze guards will be installed to ensure no face-to-face contact between staff and visitors


Special Instructions for Artist/Staff Interactions

· Artwork pick-up/drop off

o Unless vaccinated, Artist and staff MUST both be masked during transaction for pick-up/drop-off

o Wash hands or use sanitizer immediately after transaction

o Staff should wipe down surface immediately after transaction completed


Additional Customer Protections

· Signage will be posted at entrance with reminders that people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should stay at home

· Install hand sanitizing stations (with at least 60% alcohol) at the front and back entrances, in hallway to classrooms and at the bar

o Sanitizer stations at entries will have signage encouraging visitors to sanitize as they enter

· CCC will provide gloves for staff/instructors/volunteers to use when cleaning, but everyone is strongly encouraged to wash their hands regularly regardless of glove use

· Ceiling fans will be on at all times and doors will be open when weather allows to offer additional airflow through the space

· The CCC will run the HVAC systems after closing to provide additional fresh air as well as to capture and remove unwanted particles each day. In addition, the center will increase the filter changes to help further reduce containments from entering the building.



Programmed Event Guidelines – Phase 2

· Programmed events should be limited to 50% capacity at a time in any given space

· Where possible, event attendance should be staggered to minimize overlap and reduce density of participants


The above efforts will be in effect when we re-open during Phase 2 of our re-opening guidelines. We look forward to the day when we can welcome more visitors into our space during Phase 3. All processes are subject to change based on evolving conditions and any new items that arise will be evaluated at the discretion of the Executive Director. Thanks to ALL for your hard work and diligence, together we will keep the arts alive while keeping our community safe and healthy!


Stephanie Hayes

Executive Director


262-375-3676 x107