August Artist-in-Residence Ellen Anderson 

Ellen Anderson paints in her studio on the Milwaukee River in Mequon, Wisconsin. Using light and atmosphere to tell a story, the paintings often show a myth-like reality of a time and place of importance and power that only nature lends. Currently, her oil paintings follow a theme of Wisconsin nature and women. She recently began a series of works portraying the strength, wisdom and complexities of women in her life. Working in watercolor/gouache for many years informs the often-thin layers of atmosphere her oils start with. Painting small for illustrations led her to now love painting large, to put a voice to the magic and majesty of our outdoors. Her paintings are in multiple collections throughout the country; she has received recognition and awards for the numerous solo and group shows she has participated in. She sold a greeting card line nationally, illustrated many children's books and illustrated for The National Wildlife Federation Currently, she is illustrating a series of children's books for Kohl's Building Blocks/Penfield Children's Center, about understanding differences. 


The artist will be at the CCC on August 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 31:  12-3 pm.

Into the Woods: Painting in Oils with Ellen Anderson 

Tuesdays, September 20 & 27:  6-7:30 pm  

Join award-winning oil painter in this two-session painting workshop that involves the exploration of using oils on canvas to portray depth, richness of color and light in forest scenes. Paint a wonderful wood scene of your own, while learning new brush techniques, how to loosen up your palette and how to create as you go. For beginners or those new to the woods! All levels welcome. We will study color-mixing and work with an impressionist style. Students need to bring a 16x20” canvas; all other supplies and tools are included. 

$45 CCC Members / $54 Non-Members

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September Artist in Residence Kelly Darrah  

Kelly Darrah received her BA in Art from UW-Stevens Point and her Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from UW-Milwaukee. She has worked in education for non-profit organizations and at the college level while raising her family. She also enjoyed participating in numerous shows and exhibits in the past 10 years. Recently, she illustrated a children’s book and completed the Artist’s Way program. Her current abstract body of work originated during the pandemic and is focused on a theme of individual words. This originated from a realization that she has always been inspired by the simple things. Communication and organization have been important concepts throughout her education and work experiences. “Individual words are one of simpler forms of communication. We often think that a word means only one thing, but there are usually more definitions and interpretations to consider.” She paints in acrylic her ideas and ponderings of words. Currently she is exploring mosaic as a medium using the words "inertia" and "synchronicity." Kelly continues to collect words and explore their formal, informal and other evolving definitions or interpretations that need to be considered. 

The Artist will be demonstrating at the CCC on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in September: 12-3 pm.


Imaginary Lives Expressive Painting with Kelly Darrah  

Thursday, September 29:  6-9 pm  

In this workshop, students will create an expressive acrylic painting inspired by their imaginary life. What is an imaginary life? The concept of imaginary lives is taken from “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. In a brief exercise, you will look inward to explore several other lives you imagine living. Will it be a dancer? An independently wealthy world traveler? (yes, please!) A yoga instructor? The President? The instructor will demonstrate how to create an abstract painting of the feelings about her imaginary life. With the opportunity to paint this theme expressively, students may experience the calling of how to bring the imaginary into reality. Several other concepts from “The Artist’s Way” will be presented. All supplies and tools are included. 

$39 CCC Members / $47 Non-Members

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October Artist-in-Residence Michael Santini

Local artist, Michael Santini was born and raised in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. In 1968, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Salem College in West Virginia. He describes his artwork as an allegorical portrayal of the constant spiritual and worldly struggle of good versus evil; subtle and profound symbolism, through inspiration from the Bible, depicts this concept. Aspects of contemplation, choice and accountability or political and religious strife are consistent themes in his work. 

His artwork has been exhibited in cities across the country for nearly 50 years, including Tucson, Sante Fe, Staten Island, New York City, Chicago, Boston and Milwaukee, with his first international show taking place in Paris, France in 1975. He went on to exhibit in Switzerland and Spain. Santini’s works are part of premier private collections worldwide, he has won numerous awards, accepted many significant commissions, and is widely published. He has lived in Mequon, Wisconsin with his wife Roberta since May 2000. 


Michael will be demonstrating his artwork at the Cedarburg Cultural Center on October 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28:  11 am-3 pm. Stop in to learn more about what is behind his works.


Sky, Borders and Elements with Michael Santini

Saturday, October 22:  11 am-3 pm

Bring your creativity and imagination to the workshop as we paint in acrylics on canvas. Michael will walk us through his process, providing individual instruction on techniques and color theory! We will paint the veil, draw in the border and elements for the composition, such as bells, keys, oil can, apple, pear, egg, bird, etc. Next we will paint the sky and clouds before shifting focus to the border and elements to complete the 11x14” painting. All supplies are included in the class fee.

$76 CCC Members / $90 Non-Members



November Artist-in-Residence Holly Harnischfeger

Holly received her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Colorado in 1977. For years she worked in wheel throwing, clay slabs, and tiles. In 2000, she transitioned to painting. She attempted to translate the tactility and looseness of clay into two dimensional images. Currently, Holly is working in mixed media using charcoal, acrylic, and encaustic wax. She feels that by combining the different media she can capture the essence of her vision. During her most recent show, About a Vase (2021), at the Grove Gallery in Milwaukee, WI, Jan Serr bought two of Holly’s paintings for her private collection. These paintings are currently on display in The Secret Garden show at The Warehouse in Milwaukee. Holly resides in Milwaukee and continues to make and teach art and create instructional content as an Art Retreat producer in Wisconsin and Carmel, California.

Art and Fear: Embracing an Empty White Canvas with Holly Harnischfeger

Saturday, November 12:  1-4 pm

Do you have difficulty beginning a painting? You aren’t alone; the empty canvas has intimidated every artist at one time or another. In this mixed media workshop, we will discuss options for approaching a white canvas and you will be guided in techniques that allow you to jump in and confront the blank space. You will receive hands-on instruction in using a photo transfer technique to get started on your canvas as you begin your painting. You will have the option to include acrylic paints, vine charcoal, pastels and other media. All supplies are included. The instructor will provide images for the photo transfer. If you choose to bring images to work from, they must be printed on a laser printer.

 $48 CCC Members / $58 Non-Members

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December Artist-in-Residence Donna Eigen

Donna Eigen retired from Rockwell Automation as a global marketing manager in 2010 and served in the Peace Corps in Puebla, Mexico from 2011-2013. She has also enjoyed creating art but it became a driving force in her life after her time in Mexico where the vibrant Latin American culture brought a new way of looking at color, form and style. She now works in decoupage on glass, creating functional art as well as colorful “storyboxes”, assembling decoupaged glass panels in a shadow box to create a multi-layered collage that tells a story. Donna is a Wisconsin native and proud mother of two sons. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Eigen headshot_edited.jpg

Decoupage on Glass II with Donna Eigen 

Saturday, January 7:  9 am-1 pm 

This workshop takes decoupage to the next level by incorporating advanced techniques into the age-old art form of decoupage. Students will learn how to work with more challenging materials such as napkins, tissue paper and alcohol inks as they create separate inside and outside designs on a glass bowl, allowing the inside design to be visible through the glass. Take home a beautiful, yet functional work of art to give as a holiday gift or use to hold jewelry, candy canes or spare change. All supplies are provided; there is a separate $15 material fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class. The instructor will also provide source materials but students are welcome to bring their own photos, magazines, decorative paper, image sources and ephemera to personalize their bowl. For ages 13 and up.

$56 CCC Members / $67 Non-Members