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youth plein air

2023 awards

Congratulations to all the amazing young artists who participated in this year’s Youth Plein Air.

Keep creating! 


First Place, Ages 5 & under
Felicity Crew, age 4
“Bridge Over the Creek”


First Place, Ages 9-12
Henry Nadolny, age 12
“Pleasant Valley Clouds”

People’s Choice Award
Ashley Commons, age 16
“Cedar Creek Settlement”

First Place, Ages 6-8
Miles Krogman, age 8
“Chrysanthemum on the Garden Path”


First Place, Ages 13-17
Liana Lima, age 16
“Summer in Cedarburg”

2023 Youth Plein Air Awards List

Ages 5 Years & Under
Honorable Mention

April Polsen, “Pretty Minnie” (5)

Sarjo Jewett, “By the Creek” (5)

Juniper Whitmore, “Happy Purple Flower Face” (3)

Second Place

Violet Oleson, “Meow, Meow” (5)

First Place

Felicity Crew, “Bridge Over the Creek” (4)

Ages 6-8 Years

Honorable Mention

Charlotte Bentz, “Sparkle the Plants” (8)

Giovina Nowakowski, “Sunrise Over Water” (7)

Maria Gonzalez, “Evergreen Nights” (8)

Claire Alianto, “Church” (7)

Second Place

Aila Hayry, “Children’s Pond” (8)

First Place

Miles Krogman, “Chrysanthemum on the Garden Path” (8)

Ages 9-12:
Honorable Mention

Evan Mehlos, “Lion’s Den” (12)
Margaret Auchter, “Light Post at Washington” (9)

Nathaniel Wolfgram, “Bulfrog: King of the Pond” (11)

Avery Draeger, “Cedar Creek Barn” (10)

James Kincaide, “The Art of Baseball” (10)

Emma Saali, “Nature’s Fireworks” (10)

Second Place

Fox Vetter, “New Fortune” (12)
First Place

Henry Nadolny, “Pleasant Valley Clouds” (12)

Ages 13-17:

Honorable Mention

Jeanette Clement, “The Cedarburg Mill” (14)

Helena Broderick, “I Like Pretty Colors” (16)

Joseph Drouin, “Cedar Creek” (17)

Ashley Commons, “Cedar Creek Settlement” (16)

Mary Arnett, “Afternoon at the Anvil” (17)

Second Place

Valkyrie Wolfgram, “Headed Towards a Memory” (17)
First Place

Liana Lima, “Summer in Cedarburg” (16)


People’s Choice

Ashley Commons, “Cedar Creek Settlement” (16)

Youth Plein Air is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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