Hybrid: In-Person Series or Virtual: Developing Techniques for Beginner to Advanced Watercolorists with Nancy Lohmiller

Tuesdays, March 2, 9, 16, 23: 9:30 am-12 pm

A class for all levels. Beginners will benefit from learning the basics in the medium; for those that have taken my class, this will be a great review!

We will extend the basic techniques in watercolor to further individual understanding of style and medium, the class will focus on problem-solving with the usage of the basics, along with understanding layering, color blending, framework and arrangement of composition and achieving a proficiency and acceptance of individual style. We will continue with demos of trees, water and sky, brick and wood, animals and general usage and understanding of tools. Weekly presentations include demonstration, critiques, and time to work. Encouragement of questions, sharing of work and critiques give a greater depth and knowledge to each student. A variety of handouts will be provided during class. Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas and images, which allow individuals a base of interest and the opportunity to solve further compositional and technique issues. Virtual students will receive digital handouts. The supply list is available online.

In-Person Fee: $120 CCC Members / $144 Non-Members

Virtual Fee: $110 CCC Members / $132 Non-Members


Watercolor classes with Nancy Lohmiller

Supply List

Basic supplies for watercolor allow for a consistent ability to explore and define the vast range and flexibility of this medium while giving personal emotion, conviction, and style to your work.

Brushes - Basic round brush is the work horse of painting. Sable is the best but expensive. I use Sable/Synthetics - they work well and hold their shape. Flat Brushes are great for clean edges, smooth clean paint with each stroke strokes. Most important Tip - Make sure your brushes come to a crisp fine point. Brushes sizes - Round - #6, #8, #10 #12; Brushes sizes - Flat - 1/2 inch and 1 inch

Palette - A covered palette allows mobility, protects the paints and avoids a mess with wet paint. But palettes are a personal as our painting style. Check out styles and choose the one that best fits you.

Paper - Pads and block of watercolor paper are good but limit how many paintings you can do at one time. On the positive side you will not need to staple or tape down your paper. Single sheets/pads - Standard sizes 9x12, 12x14 Most common papers are Arches, Strathmore, Canson, Fabriano and Cotman - Note there are differences between manufactures in terms of texture surface, brightness and how the paper absorbs. In class I use Canson. *Make sure you buy #140lb - Anything lighter will not hold up to the water.

Paints come in either a cake pan or in tubes. I find that the tube is the better deal. But the cake is very versatile when painting on location. Most common paints are: Winsor-Newton, Cotman, DaVinci, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Schninke, Grumbacker and Mission Gold are all reputable manufactures of quality pigments. Choose a cool and warm tone for each of the primary colors. They are: Cad yellow, New Gamboge, French Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cad Red, Alizeron Crimson. Also recommended are Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and/or Burnt Umber

Tools/supplies 12 inch Ruler, Scissors, Paper Towel, clear white or facial tissue, 2 Containers for water, Toothbrush, watercolor sketchbook, standard size (great for exploration of designs and compositions, practice techniques and mix colors), Kneaded eraser, Pencil/pen, Natural Sponge/s, Standard size Foam Board in white- Can get at the dollar store, 3 inch clear tape.

Places to buy supplies Tradewinds - on south side off of KK and Beacher - small white building on North/East corner. Cheap Joe’s Art supplies - 1-800-227-2788 OR www.cheapjoes.com Michael’s and Hobby Lobby Dick Blick - Check out the web site prices may be a better deal.

Hybrid: In-Person Series or Virtual: Developing Techniques for Beginner-Adv

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