Painting with a Limited Palette:  Roses and Tulips with Deb Rolfs

Painting with a Limited Palette:  Roses and Tulips with Deb Rolfs
Friday, May 10: 9 am-3 pm (includes a break for lunch)

This workshop will show you the freedom that comes with painting using a limited palette.  When using only 6 colors and white, you will achieve a greater balance throughout your painting. You will naturally find your color harmony. We will begin with color mixing, paint a couple quick warm up exercises to loosen up and then dive in to our still life. Deb will do a short demo and provide lots of individual attention. All levels are welcome.  Recommended supply list available online. 
$88 CCC Members/ $104 Non-Members



Painting Roses and Tulips with a Limited Palette

Feel free to bring your own photo reference and appropriate size canvas if you like.

Suggested Palette:

Cool yellow (cad yellow light)

Warm yellow (cad yellow medium)

Warm Red (Cadmium Red light)

Cool Red (Magenta or Alizarin Crimson)

Ultramarine Blue

Sap green or viridian


Brushes:  I like to use flats, generally sized 8, 10, 12 Other supplies:

rectangular canvas or panel but not larger than 12x24

Disposable gloves

Paper towels

Palette knife

Palette or disposable palette paper walnut oil