Intro to Pastels-6/15

Intro to Pastels with Beki Borman

Saturday, June 15: 10 am-3 pm

In this class we will cover tools, techniques, and methods for creating expressive and vibrant pastel drawings. Students will learn how to blend and layer to achieve accurate volume and color. Mark-making techniques will be covered for expressing movement and feeling. After a few warm-up exercises, students will be invited to work from photographs to create an artwork that is personal and unique. This class is perfect for beginners. Supply list available online.

$88 CCC Members / $106 Non-Members



Intro to Pastels with Beki Borman

Recommended Supply List





  • .soft pastel set of at least 12 colors (students can share if they want)
  • . pad of toned pastel paper (recommended: Canson Earthtone pad)  9” x 12” (could also be shared)
  • .masking tape, 1”
  • .pencil
  • .sketch paper or sketchbook
  • . blending stumps
  • . assortment of potential photographs to work from
  • . Drawing board or flat hard surface to tape paper to
  • . Optional: workable spray fixative