Hybrid: In-Person or Virtual: The Old Barn Acrylic Painting- 4/8

Hybrid: In-Person or Virtual: The Old Barn Acrylic Painting- 4/8

Hybrid: In-Person or Virtual: The Old Barn Acrylic Painting with Michelle Savas Thompson 4/8

Thursday, April 8: 9 am-12 pm

Could anything be more reminiscent of Wisconsin? Take this opportunity to learn to build a painting from start to finish using different techniques, mixing values, and brush strokes in a step by step manner. Students may use the artist's photo or bring in one of their own of a barn to work from. This hybrid class allows for an in-person option at the CCC and a virtual option via Zoom. All supplies are included for in-person students; a digital reference image and supply list will be made available for virtual students.

In-Person Class Fee: $43 CCC Members / $52 Non-Members

Virtual Class Fee: $32 CCC Members / $39 Non-Members


Supply List for Michelle Savas Thompson Acrylic Painting Class

Color Wheel (will be emailed to you as an image to print)

Acrylic Paint - (I recommend SOHO Urban Artist Acrylic from jerrysartarama.com but the acrylic paint colors below may be purchased anywhere, including Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, Dick Blick)

*Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Azo Red, Rose Madder, Primary Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep, and Titanium White

*2 ounce tubes are sufficient for one session classes, feel free to buy any size tube


I prefer to tape Grey Matters Palette Paper to the table and squirt my paint on it. Other options are a couple of large Styrofoam plates or a piece of glass or plexiglass, approx. 11x14”.


a smaller round brush for “Drawing”, size 4 or 6

Angled Flat, ½” wide

Flat, ¾” to 1” wide

Palette Knife (for mixing colors)

Painting Surface stretched canvas or gesso board, size 11x14”

Additional supplies

Water in a container to rinse your brushes

Paper towels or my favorite, Blue Shop Towels (auto section)

Brush Cleaners: GOOP hand cleaner (auto section) or Simple Green (auto section or cleaning isle) or Linseed Studio Soap (richesonart.com)

Optional: Disposable gloves

Optional: Proportional Compose-it-grids (best for painting from life)