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Cedarburg: Shrouded in History

Cedarburg is quaint. Charming. Doggone enchanting!! Right? But when the valiant Gothic History folks started digging they were shocked at what lurks beneath the surface - distressing, dark and even more disturbing tales of murder, mayhem and misappropriation of cemetery plots. Bring your courage, a hanky and maybe your lawyer as you discover what lies beneath the shroud of Cedarburg’s scary past.

Gothic History Tour 2023

  • This is a mile-long walk taking over 90 minutes with no seating or bathrooms. Sidewalks may be dark, leaf-covered, wet or uneven. There are steps at several venues that are old and uneven. Content is geared for those over 12 years of age.  Rain or shine.

    Please check-in at the Cedarburg Cultural Center 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Thank you.


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