FULL-Cold Wax Painting with Micki High 8/18

Cold Wax with Micki High

Tuesday, August 18: 1-4 pm

In this workshop for beginners, students will be introduced to Cold Wax Medium as a form of painting in an abstract manner. We will discuss the options available to the artist using this medium, including excavation, reduction, and texture. By creating multiple paintings on one substrate, you can explore and compare painting with unexpected color combinations and in monotones. Finally, we will explore how to frame your pieces.

This will be a fun, exploratory class meant for the beginner, during which you can explore a new medium, test whether it is one that you would like to pursue further, meet other curious creatives, and perhaps take home some art you’d like to hang in your home! I look forward to exploring with you! Some supplies are provided. The supply list for the remaining items needed is available online.

$68 CCC Members / $82 Non-Members




    Supply List

    Cold Wax with Micki High

    Thursday, Thursday, April 30:  1-4 pm


    Everyone will be provided with Arches Oil Paper, Black and White oil paint, Cold Wax, tissue paper, Nitrile gloves, tape, and “squeeges”.


    Please bring the following to class:


    An apron

    2 palette knives

    paper towels

    2 to 3 inexpensive cool oil colors of your choice

    2 to 3 warm oil colors of your choice (these may be purchased at Michael’s store, or certainly bring your own paints if you already work in oils)