An Afternoon with Deke Palecek-7/10

An Afternoon with Deke Palecek  

Wednesday, July 10: 1-3 pm

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to sit and listen as Deke speaks in further detail about how she incorporates her into her paintings. She is a dynamic speaker and her passion fascination with art, brain science, and the power and plasticity of the brain will have you inspired! You will gain insight into her focus on the link between the eye and the brain. According to Deke, “The brain assimilates volumes of visual information in every moment and can translate it into a feeling or an experience within seconds.” Deke views her painting as this process in slow motion. “The challenge is not to lose this glimpse, this feeling, this experience, in the translation. The challenge is to provide just enough information to capture that moment,” says Palecek. It is evident in her paintings that she has succeeded in meeting these challenges.

Free to the Public