Abstract Oil and Cold Wax Medium Workshop with Micki High

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, October 5, 7, 9: 9 am-Noon

Back by popular demand, Micki delivers a 3-day morning intermediate-level workshop for returning students. Participants will begin each day with a 15-minute warm-up exercise on Arches oil paper, using a black and white, monochromatic and tertiary palette, one each day. Students will produce 3 paintings on multimedia artboard and one on a cradled panel, developing them over the 3 days. Students will be introduced to mark-making and its use throughout the development of their painting and several examples of mark-making tools such as china markers, graphite crayon, sharpies and charcoal. Students will learn reductive techniques and the use of Gamsol. In addition, we will discuss how to create a harmonious palette, gray scale for creating limitless palettes, and principles of design, including shape, contrast and movement as applied to the students’ paintings, leading to a desired finished piece. Some supplies provided; a supply list is available online for the remaining recommended supplies.

$148 CCC Members / $177 Non-Members


Oil and Cold Wax Medium 3 Day Workshop

Supply List

Some supplies will be provided by CCC and instructor. The following supplies are supplied by students. There is an option to communicate with fellow students beforehand about sharing paints to reduce expenses. Contact kerry@artmusichistory.org if you are interested in doing an oil paint co-op.

Student Supplied:

· 4 oz Gamsol (and large spray bottle not cosmetic size) https://www.dickblick.com/items/00456-1104/

· 150ml tubes of oil paint, (consider going in together in pairs on these paints; (the 37ml tubes are insufficient in quantity for this course, unless as noted).

Suggested colors: Indian Yellow https://www.dickblick.com/items/01587-4164/ Asphaltum https://www.dickblick.com/items/00401-8184/ Transparent Earth Red https://www.dickblick.com/items/00401-3733/ Aubure Pink https://www.jerrysartarama.com/charvin-fine-oil-paints Permanent Orange https://www.dickblick.com/items/01587-4914/ Quinacridone Red https://www.dickblick.com/items/00401-3273/ Yellow Ochre https://www.dickblick.com/items/01587-4043/ Phthalo Blue https://www.dickblick.com/items/00401-5143/

· Ampersand Encausticboard (at least one 12” x 12” or larger Cradled Panel, pre-prepped) https://www.dickblick.com/products/ampersand-encausticbord/ OR Plain Cradled Panel https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-studio-wood-panels/ (that has been primed with 2 coats of Acrylic Gesso. Size is student’s choice) · Bowlscraper:https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QH9NDN4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

· Apron

· Paper Towel roll · Sharpie marker, Lyra graphite https://www.dickblick.com/items/20443-2061/

· Art Graf marker (any colour and again, share with someone) https://www.dickblick.com/items/19542-8081/

Abstract Oil and Cold Wax Medium Workshop with Micki High 10/5

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    W62 N546 Washington Avenue

    Cedarburg, WI  53012



    12 pm to 4 pm

    Email: stephanie@artmusichistory.org