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Finding Your Composition in Pen and Ink and Watercolor with Ann Thomas 

Fridays, Oct 6, 13, 20, 27:  9:30 am-12 pm 

You've taken great photos and now want to turn them into beautiful art. But you're overwhelmed, what to keep! what to let go! Let's work on finding that dynamic composition and using the texture of pen and ink and an enhancing watercolor wash to create your masterpiece! A supply list is available below. 

$135 Members / $162 Non-Members 

Supply List

Option One -Waterproof (felt tip) ink pens in several size tips, a good one is Faber-Castell 4PITT Artist Pens, Black with S, M, F and B, small, medium, fine and brush. OR

Option Two - any portable sketch pen with waterproof ink, there are some very nice fountain pens that I use for sketching – example: Lamy pen, Noodler, Platinum Carbon Ink Pen, and one of my favorites the Very Fine Waterproof Sharpie pen. 

Sketch pad, a size you are comfortable using, not too small please! with paper heavy enough to accept watercolor. I use an inexpensive 80 lb sketch or mixed media pad from Blick Art. 

Soft pencils, sharpener and kneaded eraser

Small set of watercolors or watercolor pencils. Watercolor brushes in several sizes, I use a # 6 and #10 round with fine tips, 1 or 2 brushes are sufficient.

Rags or paper towel for cleanup

Students are encouraged to bring any photos they would like help in developing.

10/6 Finding Your Composition in Pen and Ink and Watercolor with Ann Thomas



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