Death: A Grave Undertaking

Death, Taxes, Gothic History Tour

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Friday, October 18

Saturday, October 19

Friday, October 25

6:30-8:15 pm


Death: A Grave Undertaking, a "spirited" 90-minute guided walking tour through some of Cedarburg's most haunted historic stops.


Despite everything, death continues to be our number one killer.  It's time to put the fun back into FUNerals, ask those burning questions about cremation and plot how to avoid being buried alive!


The Gothic History Tour will share why Abraham Lincoln looked so good for so long, plus, you'll learn how to put safety first in your casket. Experience how the tour's favorite ghosts feel about their "final disposition." Join the Grim Reaper with a cast of costumed characters while the tour explores "Death: A Grave Undertaking."


Join us, if you dare, for a 90-minute docent-led walking tour that begins and ends at the Cedarburg Cultural Center with stops at haunted historic sites in downtown Cedarburg's National Historic District.


10 groups of 20 leave every 15 minutes

Reserve your spot now!

$18 advance / $25 at the door if available, the tours have sold out for the past 5 years.

Is this walk for you?

This is a mile-long walk taking over 90 minutes with no seating or bathrooms. Sidewalks may be dark, leaf-covered, wet or uneven. There are steps at several venues that are old and uneven. The tour will take you through uneven ground in a dark  cemetery. Content is geared for those over 12 years of age. Rain or shine.

Gothic History Tours

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W62 N546 Washington Avenue

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Fridays   12-4 pm

Saturdays   12-4 pm



W63 N6194 Washington Avenue

Cedarburg, WI  53012

Call 262-375-3676 for hours.